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IACM Corp recognizes that the advancements in today’s world, and even in the future, is highly dependent on data. We will help you in your digital transformation journey from start to finish, assisting with consultation until implementation. We will empower your existing human resources with insights and knowledge through AI/ML techniques to enhance their ability to tackle every data science needs your business will face.


The strategy employed by IACM Corp when it comes to analytics solutions and data science consultation is predictive analytics. This process generates real-time insights for better accuracy and avoids costly errors. Our clients range from modest businesses to the most popular and trusted brands. We are equipped with the latest technological advancements and operated by an elite team to provide efficient IT solutions for any business.


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IACM Corp has fourteen years of expertise in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse and with solid knowledge in IBM and Microsoft practices. With almost a decade of exposure to the Data Warehouse environment, IACM Corp is highly competent in maintaining Advanced Reporting Architectures and Database, Enterprise Database Systems, Black-Box, White-Box, Integration Development Testing, and Functional Regression.


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