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IACM Develops Scalable BI Solutions, So You Can Focus On Your Business

We ensure that all areas are covered, from on-premise to Cloud, to enable you to focus on the other facets of your business and maximize your production.

Cloud Services

It is the process of transferring digital business applications, such as data, application codes, and other IT resources, from on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud.

Big Data Management/Migration

An efficient Data Management strategy will enhance your ability to gather, explore, and analyze information that will lead to sound judgments and greater efficiency. With a clear cut definition of roles and processes, you will be able to enhance your business’ overall performance, from reporting to decision-making, as well as with regulatory compliance and customer relations, while reducing possibilities of errors and reducing rigorous manual workload.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

It is used to help layout the foundations for information management to supply your company with the appropriate data necessary for it to function efficiently. We provide data management services that will guarantee accurate distribution and utilization of data for business intelligence, data migration, data warehousing, and standard data handling.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Helps present practical data in an organized manner, easy enough for the user to understand and interpret to come up with intelligent choices. Our strategy is to work alongside our clients every step of the way, from planning a business intelligence (BI) strategy, developing the whole process, and executing and creating operational and management reports for future references.

Data Analytics

It is the process of carefully scrutinizing data to derive information and conclusions that can help enhance a company’s performance.

Reporting & Visualization

Clear visualization of all pertinent data elements can help increase your ability to make sound decisions. Having quick access to scorecards, key performance indicators, data trends and patterns, and other necessary information allows you to determine the next productive steps to take.

Business Analytics & Insight

The power behind successful business decisions depends a great deal on the ability to explore and analyze company data. It leads to the ability to map out business strategies, devise marketing plans, analyze business trends, and predict sales performance.

Data-Driven Decisions

Executive decisions founded on accurate data are valuable to any company. A clear insight on what is going on in every aspect of your business will lead to choices that will positively impact the organization, its finances, employees, and clients.

Data Warehouse

Collection of company data that helps aid in making reliable business decisions. It is used to store past and current data for quick access and analysis.

Warehouse Design

Data exploration and analysis are crucial in making company decisions that will gear it towards success. IACM Corp data warehouses gather all pertinent data within the organization and create a strategy that facilitates efficient decision-making processes.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Reliable data architecture is essential to any enterprise. It avoids costly mistakes and leads to effective decisions. Let us help you design your system to enable growth and success from day one.

Data Performance & Optimization

Enhancement of data performance is crucial because the alternative can lead to reduced productivity, overhead costs, and dismal overall performance. Optimum database performance is key to a well-functioning organization.

SCRUM Agile Process

Enhance your company’s performance by delivering valuable data analysis in the shortest time by proper monitoring, documenting, and storage of data.

DevOps Implementation

Fully automating your system allows for a more efficient business flow. It minimizes workload and will lead to a self-sustaining business model. As you employ these strategies, you can maximize productivity and will be able to address all needs at the least possible time and effort, giving your company a considerable edge.

Data Pipeline

Creating a data pipeline for your organization is a helpful addition to your business. However, it is not a simple task; it requires technical expertise. We can help you create a fully functional and useful data pipeline that will bolster your company’s performance with our team of highly-trained professionals.

CI/CD Implementation

The CI/CD method helps reduce the stress of manual updates and upgrades to your system. It enforces automation, which lessens downtime. We are experts in DevOps consulting, employing the industry’s best CI tools for continuous integration and delivery to create the most effective process.

Consulting Services 

We offer a wide range of consulting services, from analyzing data to providing actionable insights to help your company. We journey with your every step of the way, from planning to execution and maintenance.

Database Experts

We have an elite team of highly-trained professionals with vast data performance and optimization experiences. Our goal is to see you succeed, so we ensure that we understand your goals to help you devise a strategy to achieve that.

Complete Solution

More than just resolving your current issues, our dedicated team will ensure that we give solutions even for future problems that your company might face.

SQL Server Business Intelligence

The strength of your business relies on how well your database functions. You must have a system that can grow with your company. We will help you develop this reliable process that allows complex data to be easily interpreted and utilized, and stored in a single portal for convenient access.



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