Cloud Services

Because cloud computing makes life easier


Moving from On-Premise to Cloud 

The strength of your business relies on how well your database functions. You must have a system that can grow with your company. We will help you develop this reliable process that allows complex data to be easily interpreted and utilized, and stored in a single portal for convenient access.

Types of Data Migrations

  • Storage Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Cloud Migration

How Do We Go On Data Migration

  • Employment of guides and templates for strategic data migration procedures

  • Exploration of data sources and assessments of specific requirements for migration

  • Data and drive analytics profile creation and backup

  • Creating rules and testing for possible data defect

  • Finalizing data migration plan

Big Data Migration

SQL Server Integration Service

SQL Server Reporting Service

SQL Server Analysis Service

Data Factory

ETL Pipeline and ETL SSIS


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